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We are Xiaoshu & Todd 👋

Well-known vegetarian KOL x second generation of vegetarian food manufacturing

a.k.a Two men fighting to save their dicks


A plan restarted due to the encounter between two men

Xiaoshu, I want to hear Jian Gui Neng’s story!

good! This plan originated in 2020, when I was still doing self-media work. My father and friends funded and spent 1 year developing plant eggs. Unfortunately, the epidemic broke out in 2021, and food factories had to suspend operations😢

But the formula of plant dandruff and the developed equipment are all well preserved and stored, and the universe is quietly brewing...

What happens next?

In May 2021, a message suddenly popped up on my phone. It came from Brother Todd (this man is very important) from the restaurant "Pishi Wigan". He wanted to inquire about the plant-based poached eggs that he had served before, and hoped to make an appointment to visit my father and me in Taichung one day. .

It feels like something good is about to happen, and then what?

Todd came to discuss cooperation because Pishiweigan has its own food factory, and we have the equipment and formula. This energy that has been brewing for a long time finally has an opportunity to connect!

Wow wow wow! So you decided to collaborate?

That's right! Todd and I worked together to revive this hiatus program. After many discussions and relocation of machinery and equipment, the first batch of "Jianggui Neng" (Taiwanese) finally returned in November 2022!! 🎉

Egg industry’s long-standing problem

The vicious cycle of industrial structure & market mechanism


dilapidated poultry house


Bird flu is raging


unequal takeover


Raw materials rise

Currently, Taiwan's egg shortage crisis occurs every year. In addition to global factors such as avian influenza, climate change, and rising materials due to war, it is also related to the structure of Taiwan's local egg industry and the market mechanism.


The problems facing Taiwan's egg industry include outdated and dilapidated poultry houses, high-density intensive breeding, an aging workforce, and insufficient professional skills. These problems have led to poor egg production efficiency, and have been trapped in the dilemma of "the more chickens are raised, the more pollution there is, and the eggs are still insufficient."


In addition, there is an inappropriate production and marketing mechanism in the upstream and downstream of Taiwan's egg industry. 90% of egg farmers are unable to improve the production environment and equipment, and the egg dealers' acquisition model is still unequal. In this vicious cycle, the eggs we obtain face many unknown risks.

Toward a sustainable environment, green diet, and life-friendly ESG enterprise. Realize seemingly unrealistic ideals one by one.

We also want to save chickens👊

Taiwanese people love to eat eggs, with each person eating an average of 355 eggs per year. But have you ever thought about how laying hens spend their lives?

Grid cage chickens, which account for the vast majority of the market, require 3-4 chickens to be squeezed into a space only the size of A4, and they will be eliminated after they are unable to lay eggs🥲 ps. The young roosters will be directly eliminated after birth☠️

In addition, in order to increase the egg production of old chickens, egg farmers will also use "fasting" methods to "force molt" the laying hens.

Therefore, we hope that plant eggs can become a new choice that everyone is willing to accept, save more sweating chickens, and let hens be free!


become "New options"


Everyone can afford it


Stable output and quality


Environmental sustainability


Delicious, healthy and safe


Zero animal harm



Next Level: Plant-Based Boiled Eggs

We are working hard on research and development, so stay tuned.


   Do you want to join the ranks of saving chickens?  

Jian Jie Neng Plant Egg

Create your sustainable daily routine with sun eggs on your dining table

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