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You can eat at all restaurants in Taiwan 🎉

There are currently 83+ restaurants that offer fried dishes

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It’s super convenient to buy it directly from the store and take it home

Retail store

There are a total of 10+ physical retail locations in Taiwan, see if there is one near your home!

Cooperative store

Peace Vegan

On the Menu

bacon burger

Hash Brown Burger


No. 469, Xida Rd, North District, Hsinchu City, 300

Going Global

Use Dandan’s power to move towards the international stage

There are also cooperative restaurants in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Japan!

nomVnom Bisto

On the Menu

Toon Rendang Rice with Vegan Fried Plant Egg



6 Eu Tong Sen St, #3-105/106/107, Singapore 059817

Become a cooperative restaurant and retail store

It would be very difficult for us to save the chickens alone! We will provide a complete cooperation and marketing plan, and hope that interested owners can work together to create opportunities!


buy online

Jian Jie Neng Plant Egg

Create your sustainable daily routine with sun eggs on your dining table

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