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Water, soy protein powder(Non-GMO), canola oil, mung bean kernels, pumpkin, carrot, pure bean skin(Non-GMO soybeans, defoaming agents(Silicone resin, fatty acid sorbitan ester, polysorbate fatty acid ester 65, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, water)), cassava flour, salt, polysaccharide colloid, hydrolyzed soy protein powder, ginger powder


Nutrition label:

The weight of each piece is 50Gram (2 pieces/small package)

Per serving (% Daily Value): Calories102Calories (5.1%), protein6gram(10%),Fat5gram(8.3%), saturated fat1gram(5.6%),Fat0grams of trans fat(*),carbohydrate5Duke(1.7%),sugar0Duke(*), sodium120milligrams(6%).

- - - - -

Cooking method:

You can remove the ice first(Leave at room temperature10minutes, do not open and soak in water3minutes, refrigerate and defrost the day before)

1. Use a non-stick pan with a little oil over low heat and fry until golden brown on both sides

2. Boil water for one minute and then scoop it out

3.Can be steamed or microwaved(weak strength), air fryer(Apply some oil)

- - - - -

weight:50g±3% (2 pieces/small package)

Expiration date: marked on the packaging

Storage method: frozen storage

Origin: Taiwan

Company: Shuyu Co., Ltd.

address:305Tianxin Road, Xinpu Town, Hsinchu County327No.


Plant-based poached eggs (frozen home delivery-cash on delivery)

  • 1. Each capsule contains 5.5g of protein.
    2. Plant-based ingredients
    3. Cholesterol-free and gluten-free
    4. Green choice, excellent flavor
    5. Vegan (no spicy food)
    6. Rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber

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